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District Court Grants Preliminary Approval of Proposed Settlement in Costco Gender Discrimination Class Action

On February 12, 2014, the district court granted preliminary approval of the parties’ proposed class action settlement. Pursuant to the court’s order, notice of the settlement will be mailed to all class members within 14 days. If you are a member of the class and have questions, you can call 1-866-501-2300.


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Impact Fund Grantee Files Class Action Lawsuit against Central Valley’s Largest Landlord

Tenants Together, a California statewide renters' rights organization, filed a class action lawsuit last week against one of the region's largest and most notorious landlords on behalf of tenants in California's Central Valley. The suit alleges that JD Homes Rentals operates a huge portfolio of slum housing. The complaint details JD Homes' alleged practices of failing to maintain properties, leaving tenants with roaches, leaking plumbing, defective wiring, and other unsafe conditions. The lawsuit seeks immediate court intervention to ensure that substandard conditions in the thousands of units managed by JD Homes Rentals are repaired and the properties made habitable.


Impact Fund Joins Advocacy Groups Opposing Race-Based Lockdowns in California Prisons

The Impact Fund joined the Equal Justice Society and other advocacy groups in filing an amicus brief in federal court opposing the race-based lockdown policy used in California prisons, saying the practice is unconstitutional because it uses race as a proxy for gang affiliation.